Landscape Planning

Gillespies takes a pragmatic approach to balancing the requirements of development with the need to deliver sustainable solutions. As members of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), we offer three main strands of environmental planning services – Town and Landscape Impact Assessment, Development Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Gillespies’ team offers industry-leading environmental consultancy services for a diverse range of clients including private developers, utility companies, local authorities and statutory and government agencies. Whatever the size, scale or type of project, we aspire to find the most appropriate and sustainable solution. From the initial identification and appraisal of sites, though to the coordination of EIAs, detailed assessments and Development Consent Orders, to giving expert evidence at public inquiries and DCO hearings, we help our clients meet their regulatory and policy obligations and secure planning consent.

Our work covers a diverse range of development proposals, including some of the largest and high profile infrastructure schemes which generate considerable public interest and draw on our extensive knowledge and experience of stakeholder and public engagement to explore options and help resolve complex and often sensitive issues.

Landscape and Townscape Assessment

Assessing the effects of proposed developments on the landscape or townscape and on visual amenity has been one of our core services. Changes to the landscape or townscape are often the most contentious element of new developments and require carefully considered and sustainable solutions supported by rigorous and transparent assessments.

Whether it is energy proposals, transport infrastructure, new housing or commercial development, our skilled and experienced landscape and townscape assessors work closely with design professionals to understand the challenges and needs of each project and to provide a genuinely iterative and bespoke response.

Development Planning

With our extensive experience we help guide clients through the full cycle of design development including feasibility planning and risk assessment, applying for any consents, preparing supporting documents including plans and specifications, and discharging conditions. Our designers and assessors work closely together in seeking creative and innovative solutions to often complex design issues.

We have extensive experience of engaging with stakeholders and our skilled GIS, graphics and visualisation teams are constantly seeking new ways to meet the needs of diverse audiences through the utilisation of the opportunities presented by the new digital technologies.

Environmental Assessments

Whether leading environmental impact assessments or working collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplinary team, we aim to deliver sustainable developments for our clients. Seeking to maximise beneficial environmental effects and ameliorate or avoid adverse effects underpins our approach.

We work in partnership with our clients, co-professionals and stakeholders to help understand the likely effects of developments on the environment and ensure that proposals meet regulatory and policy obligations. Where impacts are unavoidable, we seek to find ways to reduce or mitigate them and identify ways in which the environment may be improved as part of the development process.