Conwy and Denbighshire Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study

Wales, UK

To inform planning for renewable energy in the Borough, Gillespies was commissioned by Conwy County Borough Council to produce landscape sensitivity assessments of two Local Search Areas in terms of their potential for solar photovoltaic development (solar PV development).

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The Local Search Areas were identified in the Conwy Renewable Energy Assessment Report. Gillespies assessed their sensitivity to solar PV development using a series of carefully selected LANDMAP criteria and information contained in Conwy’s Revised Background Paper – Special Landscape Areas.

After considering the characteristics of solar PV development and mapping the location of existing and planned solar PV developments, we identified and appraised the baseline landscape character and environmental conditions in and around the Local Search Areas. This included areas of high environmental value and Special Landscape Areas. The subsequent assessment of landscape sensitivity combined judgements about the ‘value’ attached to the landscape and its ‘susceptibility’ to change arising from the specific characteristics of solar PV development.

To account for localised differences in landscape character, the Local Search Areas were further subdivided and assessed before recommendations were made as to their potential to accommodate solar PV development.