As landscape architects, landscape planners, masterplanners, and urban designers, we turn human stories into exceptional places, and create extraordinary settings to inspire brand new narratives.

We are Gillespies, a diverse and free-thinking team of landscape architects, landscape planners, masterplanners and urban designers based in London, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds and Abu Dhabi.

We believe there’s value in legacy and strength in diversity: we haven’t stopped learning for 60 years and we continue to evolve, extend and adapt. The human element is central to our work. While technology can offer us solutions, it’s only people that can create the enduring stories that enrich a brief.

We apply that human touch with intelligence and foresight, protecting and harnessing nature’s networks to protect earth’s equilibrium. The resulting places are personal. They’re the product of nature and people in balance, the setting for unique stories to unfold.

Our work and creative team are motivated by four guiding pillars.

Living Legacy

We value our legacy and the growing diversity of our team, having learnt that broad perspectives lead to deeper collective knowledge. Our practice is progressive in its approach, and we are proud of our independence, inclusivity and agility in bringing fresh ideas to every brief.

Human Element

The projects we make are shaped by an empathic understanding of context, culture, communities and people. Our global perspective helps us unlock the complex interrelationships of any site, nurturing the evolution of a place and shaping its future.

Natural Networks

We design with intelligence and foresight, harnessing the networks that govern the natural systems of which we are part. By doing so, we help to restore equilibrium in the environment, an essential outcome if we are to coexist with all living things on this planet.

Places are Personal

Everyone has a place that holds a special meaning to them. We create exceptional settings where people can live out their stories. We believe that functional spaces can be extraordinarily joyful, sensuous and immersive for all regardless of ability and background.

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