Gillespies works with clients and partners to deliver transformative landscape design, urban design, masterplanning and landscape planning, working from offices based in London, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds and Abu Dhabi.

Our mission is to help our clients and partners create and transform places so they offer real meaning and value to the people that will use them.

From the smallest community park or rooftop garden to an entire city-wide masterplan, we set out to create inspirational spaces with a purpose: to make people’s lives measurably better.

This approach and the quality of our work wins multiple awards for our clients. But we believe that no matter how well-executed a design, strategy or plan is, the real measure of success is that the work becomes well-used, indeed loved, and stands the test of time.

These are principles we have been using since 1962, and they have made us one of the most successful practices in our industry.

Our approach is set out in our policies, which are reviewed each year as part of our quality assurance processes. Our staff have access to all our policies through our company intranet, and we also share some key policies here.