Masterplanning and urban design

In today's rapidly evolving world, cities and communities face an array of complex challenges that demand innovative solutions. Rather than viewing these challenges in isolation, we recognise the need to acknowledge the intricate interplay between social, environmental, and economic factors when designing successful places.

By using a holistic landscape-led approach, we harness the essence of a locale—its culture, people, and natural attributes and networks —to craft authentic places that acknowledge the intrinsic value of nature and embody resilience, social inclusivity, and economic vitality. Our vision extends beyond mere design; it's about cultivating environments that thrive, fostering equity, and nurturing prosperity for all inhabitants, thereby leaving a lasting positive impact on humanity and the planet.

Our methodology is grounded in rigorous market analysis, data-driven insights, and a profound understanding of people and place. This foundation empowers us to craft visionary masterplans and urban strategies that revitalise communities and counteract global challenges.

Behind our success lies an interdisciplinary collective of professionals—urban designers, masterplanners, landscape architects, planners, and BIM and GIS experts—united by their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional places that are the product of people and nature in balance.

We lead multidisciplinary teams and work with prominent industry experts to produce the highest quality masterplans and strategies for a range of development types across the globe. We have a particular specialism in delivering complex large-scale masterplans, with a distinct focus on tourism-centric projects in the Middle East and GCC nations.

We offer the following services across all industry sectors:

  • Urban Regeneration
  • Smart City Concept
  • Spatial masterplans
  • Regional Masterplans
  • New Urban Cores and Extensions
  • City Frameworks
  • Development Frameworks
  • Tourism-focused and Mixed-use masterplans
  • Public Realm Strategies
  • Design Guidelines
  • BIM Design
  • GIS Expertise