Landscape architecture

We share a passion to build extraordinary outdoor experiences that give people places to engage, explore and grow in harmony with the rhythms that underpin the natural world. ​

Our team of landscape architects work with clients and partners to create exceptional settings that shape not only the physical world around us but the personal stories of everyone who encounters them.​

We begin this transformative process by undertaking an in-depth analysis of a site’s specific context, considering factors such as microclimate, culture, geology and the communities it serves. This ensures that the places we craft are not only stimulating and joyful to be in but also possess a high degree of functionality and adaptability, ensuring they will evolve and thrive in the long term.

Our approach is rooted in the principles of regenerative design, which seeks to build with the earth’s natural networks to create living places with interconnected ecosystems that are resilient and sustainable.

We apply our international expertise and diverse cultural perspectives to all types and scales of projects and micro-ecologies, from biophilic spaces and rooftops to extensive garden communities, parks, infrastructure public realm strategies and city masterplans.

We design with responsibility and respect because we recognise the importance of every human connection to place.

We provide the following landscape design services across all industry sectors worldwide:

  • Landscape Design and Public Realm Design
  • Landscape and Public Realm Frameworks
  • Landscape and Public Realm Masterplanning
  • Green and Blue Infrastructure
  • Urban and City Greening Strategies
  • Planting Design
  • Biophilic Design
  • Climate Resilient Design
  • Wayfinding and Signage Design
  • BIM Design
  • Visualisation Design
  • Management and Maintenance Planning
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