The Library at Willesden Green

London, UK

The Library at Willesden Green

A significant public realm for The Library at Willesden Green, a new cultural and educational hub in Willesden Green, north-west London.

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The Library at Willesden Green is a new key redevelopment project located at the intersection of the High Road and Brondesbury Park in Willesden Green, north‑west London. Incorporating a much‑loved Victorian library building and responding to the rich urban context of the local Conservation Area, the new cultural and educational hub houses a library, cafe, training, arts and community function spaces, as well as the Brent Archive and Brent Museum.

The scheme is completed by significant new public realm — a south‑facing pedestrian open space — linking Grange Road and Brondesbury Park road, providing an interface with the new residential buildings and creating a new local square for both the existing and new residential communities. This space is flexible enough to host a variety of outdoor events and offers new bespoke seating and children's play facilities. The design of the public realm places emphasis on intuitive movement across the square and around the active frontages, linking the cultural hub to the new residential development.