South Quay Plaza

Canary Wharf, London, UK

South Quay Plaza

A new public realm setting for a major residential tower development in London’s Canary Wharf. The site on the edge of the dock will provide both residents and the local community with a dynamic park facility and new public access to the waterfront.

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The innovative landscape design takes its cues from the arrangement of the 31-storey and 72-storey towers with a series of diagonal routes crossing the 1.28Ha site. The spaces generated by these cross routes will offer a range of possibilities for passive and formal recreation including bespoke play opportunities.

Mature planting on a wide-scale will enhance the character of the individual spaces. Creative planting design will provide a visual amenity as well as improve biodiversity and provide habitats for local wildlife.

The proximity of the Docklands Light Railway will generate a pedestrian flow directed through the site. The proposed landscape will enhance the experience of the pedestrian, who will also benefit from a number of retail outlets at ground level. Trees and other landscape features have been carefully placed to improve the local microclimate and ensure that sunlit spaces will be well used.