Moscow City Centre Public Realm Strategy, Russia

Moscow, Russia

Title:Moscow City Centre Public Realm Strategy, Russia, Moscow, Russia
Markets:Public Realm
Client:Moscow City Government
Services:Masterplanning and Urban Design
Region:Europe & Russia
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Following the success of Gillespies’ landscape approach to the Moscow City Expansion Competition, the firm was appointed by Moscow City Government to produce a strategy for the improvement of the public realm throughout Moscow City Centre. The strategy builds on work undertaken by various departments of the City Government and in the best knowledge of current and future plans for development by all those involved in the built environment of Moscow.

The Strategy will be formally adopted by the City and has been designed for use by officials in developing and evaluating projects and for designers to reflect public realm principles, typologies and details in their work. The strategy takes as its point of departure the intrinsic form and character of Moscow, the climate of the City, the culture of its people and the movement system. Gillespies worked with an international team of experts in the fields of architecture, transport, lighting, engineering and surveying to develop innovative, yet practical guidance for all aspects of the public realm.