Moscow Expansion Masterplan

Moscow, Russia

An international jury awarded the first prize in the design of the new Capital District of Moscow City to the Anglo-American team in which Gillespies played a central role.

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The Capital Cities Planning Group (CCPG) is an Anglo-American team. The ‘City in the Forest’ plans for 1.7 million people, providing 800,000 new jobs with a focus on the ‘Triple Helix of Government, Education and Business’.

The federal city plan looks to create an integrated, properly-planned urban hierarchy served by a transit-orientated movement system around a series of ecological lakes designed by Gillespies. Gillespies used the site's natural topography to create the lakes as the setting for the new Federal District, which was a key factor for the competition jury when they appraised the different proposals. This landscape-based approach harnesses existing topography to work with a series of lakes in the centre of the new district, surrounded by a forest landscape.

A thorough understanding of the Russian landscape, culture and climate was a crucial factor for the Gillespies team in helping to achieve the competition win.


  • 2013 Landscape Institute Awards: Highly Commended for Strategic Landscape Planning
  • 2013 World Architecture News (WAN) Award: Longlisted