News 05.03.2012

Moscow expansion: Gillespies shortlisted as part of 'Capital Cities Planning Group'

Gillespies assembled the European members of one of ten consortia now shortlisted to design a huge expansion of Moscow. Other shortlisted firms include world-famous architects and urban designers from throughout the world, including from USA, France, Russia and Japan.

By working under the umbrella of 'Capital Cities Planning Group' with Urban Design Associates of USA, and liaising with Prof Larry Beasley CM of Vancouver (author of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030), Prof Brian Evans of Gillespies has secured places on the team for three UK-based firms: JTP, Buro Happold and Gillespies.

Prof Brian Evans, Partner at Gillespies spearheading the project says:

"We have been privileged to work in Moscow for 7 years now, collaborating with Group Ark of Moscow, Urban Design Associates of Pittsburg and John Thompson & Partners (JTP) London. When the competition was announced we immediately understood the need for strategic thinking at the regional level, and were also delighted when Prof Larry Beasley agreed to join us to provide strategic planning advice.

This is a prestigious project in a highly competitive field. We are in Moscow now for preliminary meetings with Moscow City and with Group Ark, our Moscow partners.

We are excited to be part of creating a vision for all Russians, for a dynamic and contemporary global Capital.

The designs will also be underpinned by historic continuity, economic renewal, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.  Moscow will become an urban powerhouse for the 21st century as well as an epicentre of culture for the nation, and a modern, comfortable city with a high quality of life for everybody."

Gillespies' shortlisting for the Moscow expansion builds on its previous experience in Russia, including its design for Razdory Park in Moscow that was exhibited by the Royal Scottish Academy in 2007.

Capital Cites Planning Group:

Full team:
Urban Design Associates (USA)
Beasley & Associates (Canada)
Gillespies (UK)
Nelson Nygaard (USA)
John Thompson & Partners (JTP) (UK)
Buro Happold (UK)
Group Ark (Moscow)
Solving Efeso (Sweden)