Kraznaya Roxa 'Yandex Headquarters'

Moscow, Russia

Kraznaya Roxa 'Yandex Headquarters'
Title:Kraznaya Roxa 'Yandex Headquarters', Moscow, Russia
Markets:Retail and Workplace, Public Realm
Client:KR Properties
Services:Landscape Architecture
Region:Europe & Russia
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The site is located a highly desirable and accessible area of central Moscow, close to the Park Cul’tury Metro stop, Zubovskiy bul’var, which includes a dynamic mix of historic architecture and contemporary office buildings. This unique city destination is differentiated by its great location for a business HQ and a memorable character. 

The public realm and landscape design proposals give the destination a strong setting, and complement the architecture’s scale, massing and style, expressing characteristics of elegance, richness and timelessness. The courtyard HQ provides a series of juxtaposed undulating islands alongside hard flexible events areas to respond to the Yandex requirements for a soft relaxing space, and also to provide for the flexibility to adapt and host small events. The courtyard character is designed to specifically respond to the setting and the building users however the space is also connected physically to the Krasnaya Roza wider campus via a pedestrian axis spine that passes through the courtyard, to ensure that the courtyard is well connected to the wider campus.

Gillespies also delivered the wayfinding and signage for the whole site.