Shakespeare's New Place

Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

The dramatic transformation of the garden at New Place in Stratford-upon-Avon, the former residence of William Shakespeare for 19 years of his adult life, into a major new heritage landmark that celebrates Shakespeare and his legacy, with planting design by Gillespies.

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The re‑imagination of New Place provides visitors with the opportunity to walk in Shakespeare's footsteps and trace the footprint of his family home in a contemporary landscape setting. Gillespies’ re‑imagined planting design provides a creative, contemporary celebration of Shakespeare.

Throughout the garden, there are subtle re‑imaginings that will help enhance the 'guest' experience. Themes from Shakespeare's work and life are plentiful, represented through planting, sculptures, text and archaeology.

A raised 'Golden Garden' cuts through and interfaces with all the spaces, creating pause for thought and engagement - 37 pennants stand at random among the golden, year-round planting.

At the heart of the site — aptly named Heart of Home — pleached hornbeams encircle 'His Mind's Eye,' a bronze sculpture of a windblown tree that depicts Shakespeare's power of imagination. Shakespeare's golden chair and desk are also here.

The sunken Tudor Knot Garden — which formed the centre-piece of Ernest Law's 1920 scheme for New Place — has been fully restored, with new scented planting.