Salwan Masterplan

Saudi Arabia

Salwan Masterplan

A vision and illustrative masterplan for an entirely new tourism-focused city in the mountainous south-western region of Saudi Arabia.

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Gillespies’ vision for ‘New City’ is based on a holistic approach to city-making, which encompasses expertise in economics, destination positioning, sustainability, engineering and masterplanning. The new city is located in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia, a region renowned for its dramatic landscapes and mild year-round climate.

The new city will be home to 326,000 residents and 95,000 visitors on a total site area of 5,160 hectares. The vision for the city is to create a destination steeped in the natural beauty of the landscape. The high altitude and the rugged landscape will create a unique environment for this development, taking full advantage of majestic views across the region.

The concept masterplan will establish a new landmark tourism destination within Saudi Arabia, featuring year-round entertainment and recreation offers, whilst respecting and embracing the region’s rich and distinctive cultural heritage.