Roman Baths

Beirut, Lebanon

Roman Baths

The Roman Baths is one of Lebanon’s most valuable archaeological sites and is located in Beirut’s central district — the traditional heart of economic and cultural life in the capital — close to the Place de l’Etoile and national government buildings.

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Located in Beirut’s central district, the site did not celebrate the sites historic status or archaeology, providing limited views and opportunities for visitors to learn and interact with the Roman Baths. In particular, the scale of the green open spaces did not acknowledge the areas aspiration to host large events or support large crowds. The Omar Daouk space, also located in the central district, was dominated by the impression of an isolated green island surrounded by busy and heavily trafficked roads.

Today, the open space around the restored Roman Baths is landscaped with verdant terraces reconstituting the sights and scents of ancient and Mediterranean gardens. The Roman Baths are a favoured meeting place for people of all ages and for open‑air events. Large crowds are drawn to the popular international concerts that it hosts each summer. The roads around the Omar Daouk have been remodelled, transforming the once isolated island into a significant new public space.