Moscow, Russia


The generous private courtyard at the heart of the luxury residential complex “Polyanka/44” offers residents a charming and tranquil space with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and play.

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The centrepiece garden is inspired by the natural environment and incorporates hills, stream, trees, and a variety of planting, as well as a playground made of natural materials, inviting residents to enjoy the environment all year round, with opportunities for play, socialising, relaxation and escape.

The informal, organic shapes and lines of the garden create an immersive experience, offering visual interest that belies the physical constraints of the site. Carefully managed site levels have been used to create a feeling of intimacy and enclosure in smaller spaces in contrast to the more generously scaled community and play areas capable of hosting events and accommodating a range of play opportunities for children of all ages.

A distinctive characteristic of the courtyard is the water feature – a unique and delightful artificial spring and fountain that truly sets this garden apart in the Moscow landscape.