Polyanka 44

Moscow, Russia

Polyanka 44

Polyanka 44 is a luxurious residential development in central Moscow. Gillespies has designed a series of richly-detailed spaces in a lush, mature soft landscape that contrasts with the contemporary and historic architecture that surrounds the courtyard garden.

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The landscape concept for Polyanka 44 aims to create a green oasis within the heart of central Moscow. Influenced by the character and environment of a natural woodland, the design transposes these elements into a city garden. The courtyard provides residents with opportunities for play, socialising, relaxation and escape, all immediately accessible from the surrounding apartments.

The informal, organic shapes and lines of the garden create an immersive experience, offering visual interest that belies the physical constraints of the site. Carefully managed site levels will be used to create a feeling of intimacy and enclosure in smaller spaces in contrast to the more generously scaled community and play areas capable of hosting events and accommodating a range of play opportunities for children of all ages.