Sky Gardens Nine Elms

Nine Elms, London, UK

Sky Gardens Nine Elms

Vauxhall Sky Garden is a 34-storey contemporary residential tower with well-being at its core. On the 8th and 35th floors, we have created two verdant communal gardens, each with its own distinct character, offering residents a palpable connection with nature and valuable spaces for relaxation, entertaining, and socialising.

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The striking tower will offer residents contemporary urban living with access to enclosed and open gardens offering 22,600 sqft of amenity space, including a large children’s play area. The development rises 120m and provides 178 apartments and office and retail space at ground level. All apartments have access to their own “winter garden” or balcony and benefit from the use of communal sky and roof gardens, which will deliver year-round amenity space for residents, much-desired connections with nature and breathtaking views across London.

Each garden has a distinct character generated through varying planting palettes, dictated by the climatic conditions of these enclosed and open spaces. Groves of birch and alder trees crown the top of the building, underplanted with rich shade-tolerant woody and herbaceous species that form a woodland floor habitat. The space also provides a large play area for children. On the 8th floor, the garden is located within an enclosed, heated space that creates a suitable microclimate for an array of tropical plant species, including palm trees, ferns and climbing plants that create a tranquil ambience where residents can relax and repose.


  • 2014 Sunday Times British Home Awards: Best Housing