Snegiri Eco Residential

Moscow, Russia

Snergeri Eco Residential creates an exciting, marketable contemporary, and environmentally sustainable template for the creation of a vibrant, lifestyle-conscious residential community based on healthier living and values.

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Snegeri ECO is a competition winning concept to create an econeighbourhood with a transformational landscape; it will encourage an immersive experience of nature for people now and evolve dynamically to meet the greener lifestyles we will all be leading in the future. The development will grow from the fertile setting of the site by the lake. The ‘leaves’ of the landscape will connect all areas of the development.

The site layout is arranged as a series of terraced community ‘leaves’ set into the existing slope to provide views out over the park and wetland below. The residential units are clustered around a central community space that acts as a heart to the development that connects the leaves like a stem.