Project Sreda, Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Gillespies are responsible for the landscaping of the Sreda development, an exciting new residential area for Moscow, comprising of a major new linear park and residential courtyards.

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The linear park is populated with a variety of large and small-scale spaces, linked by flowing pathways that move purposefully through a landscape of open lawns and undulating landforms, with tree planting and structures offering shade and function as well as the seasonal variation. The overall landscape composition is intended to be purposeful, yet relaxing, with opportunities for informal recreation, walking, seating and playing amongst extensive areas of new and existing tree planting. Pathways link not only the main park spaces but permeate inwards around the residential courtyards, offering multiple cycling and pedestrian routes within a green and pleasant environment and escape away from the bustling city streets.

The main residential courtyard includes a framed central space and gently rolling landform, creating moments of sensory delight to entice residents inwards towards the various play areas and social gathering spaces. Our planting design will create layers of visual interest throughout the seasons, celebrating form, colour and texture to animate these spaces and bring the courtyard and linear park to life.