Canary Wharf Greening Phase One

Canary Wharf, London

Canary Wharf greening plants by steps

Canary Wharf Group appointed Gillespies in early 2021 to deliver a landscape strategy to increase biodiversity across the Canary Wharf Estate over the next ten years. We prepared a landscape framework for the estate that will guide the design and implementation of numerous greening projects to create healthy, thriving outdoor spaces.

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Canary Wharf Estate Greening Phase One is part of the Canary Wharf Group's commitment to achieve net-zero carbon by 2030.

We drew up a framework of ten priority areas where landscape design projects could be implemented quickly, to have an immediate impact. We worked closely with landscape contractor Willerby Landscapes and green wall specialists Biotecture to create a series of movable timber furniture, planters and green walls. Plant species were selected to meet the climatic conditions of the different locations, with visual interest through colour, form, texture and movement, while changing with the seasons.

Living walls help to improve air quality, control rainwater runoff and increase biodiversity, benefiting the environment, and the area's residents and visitors

The Greening Masterplan will continue to expand on the work CWG has already achieved in improving the local environment within Canary Wharf through the installation of green infrastructure and supporting natural biodiversity. The landscape framework by Gillespies provides a series of long-term ambitions and quick-wins that will help enhance existing green spaces and infrastructure on the Estate while introducing new green links and spaces to support the health and well-being of tenants, residents and visitors. These quick-win installations will contribute towards enhancing the local ecology and biodiversity, supporting the objectives and targets of the CWG Biodiversity Action Plan.

Images (c) Rob Parrish / Gillespies


  • 2022 Developer Magazine Pineapple Awards - Activation Finalist
  • 2022 BALI National Landscape Award for Exterior Living Wall Installation