News 19.05.2021

Back Down to Earth picks up a World Landscape Architecture Award

‘Back Down to Earth’, a concept that radically rethinks and pioneers an environmental revolution in street design, has received the Merit Award in the conceptual design category at the 2021 World Landscape Architecture Awards.

Created by Associate Partner Adam Greatrix and Graphic Designer Hilary Barber, both based in Gillespies’ Leeds studio, the concept, which won the Landscape Institute’s ‘Transforming the urban landscape’ competition, generates new thinking on how the design of streets could incrementally start to enrich the social and environmental fabric of our cities. Peeling away the existing grey carpet, ‘Back Down to Earth’ promotes an ecosystem-led approach to design, where people and biodiversity have equal importance to create a balanced, thriving and resilient streetscape for people and nature.

A huge thank you to the World Landscape Architecture Awards and the judging panel for acknowledging our work and providing us with the opportunity to showcase our visions for a more sustainable future.

As a design community, we have the ability to influence and engender real change- every project, every client, every decision, every day; we must all strive to tackle the climate emergency at every opportunity. For us, this is our passion, our responsibility and our unwavering commitment to our environment and planet.

We need to turn these ‘concepts’ into reality, and we are looking to collaborate with innovative clients, developers, local authorities, scientists, engineers, researchers and manufacturers to realise this vision….. please get in touch!

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