Peel Park Quarter

Salford, UK

Peel Park Quarter

A new public realm setting for the University of Salford’s Peel Park Campus, a state-of-the-art student residential development, providing 1200 new residential units spread across three brick volumes.

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Gillespies have designed the new public realm setting around a major student residential scheme for Salford university; 1200 new residential units across three blocks. This landmark project provides new accommodation at the heart of the existing campus with strong links to neighbouring parkland. Within each accommodation cluster, there will be a significant secure courtyard area providing valuable spill out space from communal areas within the building. The strong lines found within the public realm design relate to the style of the new buildings and provide a dynamic setting for seating, planting and cycle stores.

The surrounding landscape has been designed to create a soft “parkland” setting for the new buildings in contrast to the harder lines encountered within the courtyard areas. An innovative ha‑ha feature has been included to provide security from the adjacent park and to control access into the campus; this will also provide opportunities for ecological wetland style planting.