King's Road Park

Fulham, London, UK

King's Road Park

The natural environment takes centre stage at King’s Road Park, a new 1,847-home mixed-use development on the site of the former imperial gasworks in Fulham. Our landscape-led approach ‘renatures’ this once post-industrial site, delivering a beacon for green community living in the city.

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The vacant gasworks presented a unique opportunity to regenerate 15.5-acres of an inaccessible brownfield site into a new sustainable and inclusive community that enhances and enriches the local area through the creation of a much greener environment.

St William Group commissioned Gillespies to create a landscape-led masterplan for King’s Road Park that would deliver high-quality and well-managed green spaces for the community to enjoy.

People’s physical and mental well-being have been placed at the heart of the development, emphasising green living and energy efficiency. At the centre of the masterplan is 6-acres of beautiful landscaping, including a new public park, market square and private residential gardens with swathes of seasonal planting.

Our design of the landscaped public park embodies a new approach to place-making; a landscape built on innovative green technology that is fully integrated into the residential environment and engaging the new community with the processes that govern the natural world, encouraging sustainable living and delivering an environment that is peaceful, protected, inspiring and tranquil. The park consists of a series of large lawn areas for people to enjoy walking, playing or relaxing, alongside pocket parks for those who desire tranquillity and privacy, and a range of informal play elements and dedicated play areas for children. Creating communal orchards and grow gardens in the northern corner of the park will provide both an educational and gardening resource for the community, encouraging stewardship of the space. The park will also house the oldest gasholder globally, which will form a central feature in the park for visitors.

Sustainability is central to the development, including solar fields, a sustainable drainage and filtration network expressed as an interlinked series of pools and water elements and over 1.85 acres of green roofs that create a sustainable and biodiverse closed-loop system.

The development will play a key role in enhancing connectivity between King’s Road and Imperial Wharf through a significant new public realm and improved connections, as well as improve people’s well-being through creating outdoor spaces conducive to more active lifestyles and to learning, working, and child development with space to play, garden and learn about natural processes.