Dubai International Financial Centre

Dubai, UAE

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a new financial centre of world importance. Set between the financial markets of Europe and Asia, this new financial and business district is aimed at providing world-class trading and banking facilities for the Middle East.

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Gillespies delivered a public realm and landscape masterplan for the central business district which extends for more than a kilometre and covers forty-eight hectares.

The design response provides a contemporary vision and concept for the public realm, in keeping with the buildings, which were designed by some of the world's most well‑known architects. The design was developed through a thorough understanding of the local climate and the varying ways in which space would be used throughout the seasons. Innovative shade structures, paving, water and planting were combined to create a series of distinctive and exciting spaces that encourage outdoor activity. Indeed, from the outset, this masterplan has been devised in a way that puts environmental concerns at the heart of the development.