Moscow, Russia


The ambition for D1 is to build an inclusive and social community in northern Moscow with access to premium private open space. At the heart of this three-tower development, we have created a captivating landscaped courtyard and a series of unique roof terraces that truly reflect the needs of this emerging community.

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Located close to Dmitrovskaya Metro Station, D1 is a residential complex for client MR Group, comprising three towers ranging from 30 to 60 storeys. The careful positioning of the towers creates a generous horse-shoe shaped landscaped courtyard, open to the south. Comprising a combination of high-quality hard and soft landscaping and bespoke lighting, the courtyard offers a green oasis for this residential community to use day and night, establishing a series of distinctive spaces that provide opportunities to play, gather, socialise, exercise and relax.

The linear garden features play hubs for children with fitness equipment for adults integrated into the landscape to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Pockets of seating areas nestled within banks of planting offer a quieter, more intimate space for residents and families to gather, talk or just relax. The native planting softens and humanises the space, creating a more comfortable and welcoming environment for residents, as well as providing seasonal interest and boosting biodiversity across this urban site.

A series of roof garden spaces provide the residents with additional, more private opportunities to relax in the morning and evening sunlight, contrasting with the scale and character of the main courtyard. The planting strategy, including planting palettes and species mixes, follows the style of a city park which also accommodates scattered architectural elements that closely resemble a chessboard.