The Grasslands, Chester Zoo

North England Zoological Society

The Grasslands, Chester Zoo

Gillespies has delivered a landscape-led masterplan, landscape design and LVIA (landscape and visual impact assessment) for the Grasslands, an immersive and truly memorable African savannah attraction at Chester Zoo that will connect more people than ever before with nature, as well as cement the Zoo's position as one of the world’s very best attractions.

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The centrepiece of the Grasslands is a large, open savannah landscape, home to a mix of species including the iconic Rothschild’s giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, ostrich and roan antelope. It will also include an African wetlands aviary, which will be home to a flock of Greater African Flamingo. A number of habitat typologies will be presented including the African Rift Valley area where smaller species will be seen amongst the kopje rocks, including vultures, aardvarks and warthogs.

The project also includes a restaurant with views over the savannah, alongside overnight accommodation, made up of luxury lodges and safari-style tents overlooking a lake.

Gillespies is leading the multi-disciplinary project, working closely with the Zoo’s in-house design teams and Darling Architects to deliver the project.