Changzhi Island Masterplan

Zhejiang Province, China

Changzhi Island is a new settlement to accommodate 50,000 people, designed on sustainable principles to create a low-energy, ecological town.

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Changzhi Island is located south of Zhoushan in the Qiantang River Delta archipelago, close to the regional centres of Ningbo, Hangzhou and Shanghai. The client’s intention was to create an ecological town settlement for 50,000 inhabitants, with a wide range of commercial, community and cultural facilities.

Gillespies were commissioned to prepare an overall strategy for hard and soft landscape for the development according to the regulatory planning masterplan for an area totalling over 300 hectares. The proposals included landscape strategies and typologies for open space, road network, pedestrian circulation, planting, water, bridges, lighting, street furniture, art and structures.

In addition, schematic landscape design was undertaken for key public landscape areas including the Central Business District, Waterfront Park, Community Parks and a Marina.