Carlisle Town Centre

Carlisle, UK

Carlisle Town Centre

Gillespies developed a comprehensive public realm strategy that has revitalised and rejuvenated key areas within the Town Centre with the primary objective to make Carlisle a more attractive place to live, visit, shop and invest.

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In conjunction with Martin Stockley Associates, Gillespies produced designs for the first phase of the Castle Street improvements in Carlisle’s historic core. The high profile scheme set a benchmark for the future public realm in the city and was the first in a series of projects born out of the Urban Design Guide and Public Realm Framework produced by Gillespies.

The Urban Design Guide and Public Framework included principles on how buildings should be designed throughout the city centre as well as setting out how the city's public spaces can be improved including paving materials, seating and lighting. The street improvements aimed to boost the economic and tourism aspects of the city centre and encourage exploration of the under‑utilised historic heart of the city.

Gillespies vision was to create a pedestrian friendly environment using the highest quality local materials, innovative public art and lighting that will create a distinctive and memorable streetscape worthy of the area’s outstanding heritage.

"The Castle Street scheme is a sensitive design which provides a much-improved setting for the Cathedral. I was lucky enough to visit Carlisle last year, and I believe it is schemes like this that will add to the attractiveness and status of the city and, by drawing in tourists and shoppers, help bring inward investment and jobs. It’s really encouraging to see the local council taking such an active role in bringing about improvements and they deserve the support and encouragement of local people."

Robert Huxford, Director of the Urban Design Group