News 21.07.2022

Hannah Bradley becomes one of the first Technician Members of the Landscape Institute (TMLI)

In an aim to widen access to the landscape profession, the Landscape Institute launched a pilot scheme seeking 50 landscape professionals to take the Experienced Route to Technician (E2T50) to become the first Technician Members of the Landscape Institute (TMLI). This is a new route into the industry for those who have experience in landscape but may not have the recognised qualifications.

We are thrilled to announce that landscape architect Hannah Bradley, based in our London studio, has passed the TMLI assessment and is now a Technical Member of the Landscape Institute. A massive congratulations to Hannah!

Hannah holds a BA (Hons) degree in Architecture. This pathway gave Hannah the opportunity to pursue and further her career in Landscape Architecture without the additional expense and delay of a full landscape degree or Masters.

We are proud to have supported the Landscape Institute in developing this new routeway into the Institute as part of the wider working group and are thrilled to see the success this new initiative is having in diversifying the industry and developing the next generation of landscape professionals.

Gillespies supports its employees through this process and covers assessment costs.

The TMLI route provides an opportunity to discover more talent, skills and knowledge and future-proof the landscape profession. To learn more about the TMLI route, click here.

Mayda Henderson, a Co-Chief Assessor for the TMLI route, commented: "This was a truly rewarding process for the assessors as well as the candidates. As a pilot programme, it was important that we got this right. It was a privilege to be able to support these passionate, skilled individuals and welcome them to their new professional home.’