PIK 开发集团绿色公园社区,莫斯科

Moscow, Russia

PIK 开发集团绿色公园社区,莫斯科

A masterplan to transform an existing brownfield site in Moscow, Russia, into a new vibrant neighbourhood for 13,000 people, providing much-needed ‘economy housing’, retail and leisure facilities alongside an attractive public realm.

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PIK Green Park provides an important step forward in PIK Group’s desire to bring new life to this area of Moscow. The scheme will provide new facilities for local people and much-needed new housing, creating a vibrant new destination only 45 minutes from the Red Square with easy access to the local river, forests, as well as the Botanical Gardens.

The design concept behind Green Park is based on the idea of shaping the masterplan around two main civic and urban spaces, providing opportunities for the public to gather together to enjoy ample access to retail facilities and vibrant open spaces where they can play, sit and relax. This will provide a step change from the surrounding residential developments which neglect the important role of public space in the commercial success of the development.