телевизионный центр

London, UK

телевизионный центр

Проект планировки телевизионного центра - The Television Centre – превратит существующий знаменитый BBC Television Centre в зону смешанной застройки, с комбинацией офисов и студийных пространств BBC, объектами для отдыха и развлечений, с 950 новых жилых домов, бутик-отелем и офисной территорией, с благоустроенными общественными зонами высокого качества.

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Впервые, после завершения строительства, телевизионный центр будет открыт для публики, а его знаменитая въездная площадь и центральное здание Helios Plaza, охраняемые государством, будут бережно отреставрированы.

Дизайн новой общественной зоны позволит заново привязать территорию телецентра к его окружению, что станет стимулом к последующей, неминуемой, реконструкции всей территории the White City area. На новых общественных пространствах будут организованы удобные пешеходные маршруты, гостеприимные благоустроенные открытые площадки, оживленные магазинами, ресторанами и кафе, а, так же, эффектные зеленые зоны

"Stanhope appointed Gillespies for the design and delivery of the public realm works for our major redevelopment of the Television Centre site in White City into a new landmark mixed-use development. I was very impressed with the team at Gillespies and their creative response to the brief, in particular their awareness of the positive implications of the project on the wider area which has helped in unlocking the potential of the site."

Ron German, Project Director, Stanhope

"Over the course of a long and complex project, Gillespies has shown dedication to realising their design intent and have shown their collaborative nature and strong work ethic in dealing with the many changes and issues a large masterplan project like TVC throws up during the course of its life. We look forward to welcoming residents, tenants and visitors to what is set to be an exciting and high-quality public realm"

Gary Taylor, Project Director, Stanhope

"‘The opportunity to work on Television Centre has given us unprecedented access to a truly remarkable and unique environment. As the first purpose-built home of television broadcasting, this complex of buildings became synonymous with the news stories and popular entertainment shows that helped define the latter half of the 20th century. There can be few places that are held in such warmth and affection by the nation, and, as a team, we were therefore mindful from the start of our responsibility to handle this site with care. Yet this is a project about new beginnings, and much of our work has been to create and shape external spaces within the historic fabric that will engage with the people who will now call this place home. "

Stephen Richards, Partner, Gillespies


  • 2015 World Architecture Festival Finalist: Masterplanning — Future Projects
  • 2018 Hammersmith Society Environmental Award 2018
  • 2018 AJ Architecture Awards - Mixed Use Project of the Year
  • 2019 RIBA Regional Award
  • 2019 RIBA National Award
  • 2019 AJ Architecture Award - Landscape Architecture Project of the Year