Woolwich Crossrail

London, UK

Woolwich Crossrail
Title:Woolwich Crossrail, London, UK
Markets:Infrastructure, Public Realm
Services:Landscape Architecture
Region:United Kingdom
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The urban realm masterplan for Woolwich Crossrail presents a gateway green space, firmly embedded into the existing Royal Arsenal urban grain. The spatial definition will integrate the new Crossrail Infrastructure within the wider Woolwich Town Centre context, extending the recent public improvements of Beresford Market and General Gordon Square, while respecting the heritage context of the Royal Arsenal.

An inviting and spacious space for pedestrians will be established along the generous station forecourt running the length of the eastern side of the square. This step-free public area will be composed of high‑quality natural stone, alongside clear and logical pedestrian routes. To complement the station forecourt, a paved threshold to the lawn of Dial Arch Square is established, acting as a robust transition to the green space, providing an area for seating, furniture, signage and new tree planting.