Stonedale Crescent Regeneration


Title:Stonedale Crescent Regeneration, Liverpool
Client:Cobalt Housing
Services:Masterplanning and Urban Design
Region:United Kingdom
Team:Gillespies, Cushman & Wakefield, Hemingway Design and Ekosgen
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Cobalt Housing – supported by the council, Homes England and MHCLG - commissioned Gillespies, Cushman & Wakefield, Hemingway Design and Ekosgen to prepare a regeneration masterplan as a pilot for the government supported Regeneration Estate Programme.

Stonedale Crescent is an area of Radburn-type housing that lies within Croxteth, one of the most deprived wards in the borough but an area with a strong sense of community. The plan promotes environmental enhancements around existing homes, development of integrated new homes on a cleared site, the creation and remodelling of new open spaces and refashioning of streets and alleyways.

The process has involved close working with a range of partners and local representatives, community drop-ins and creative spin-off activities, a visioning workshop and regular board briefings. Successes have included the development of a broad consensus, costed quick wins, securing of a key site from Homes England and promotion of the plan as a model for Cobalt and MHCLG.

The proposals suggest that Stonedale Crescent has the potential to become a sustainable community with a strong local ‘heart’ serving an integrated neighbourhood providing a range of homes. A safe and attractive green network of spaces will provide a healthy range of parks, gardens and connections to facilities and attractions in the broader locality. This connectivity also assists in supporting access to employment with private sector partners playing their part in the development of jobs and skills. The potential exists to promote Stonedale Crescent as a neighbourhood renowned for healthy green lifestyle opportunities.