Slava, Phase One

Moscow, Russia

Slava, Phase One

A generous private courtyard at the heart of the luxury residential complex “SLAVA” Phase 1 offers residents and visitors a charming and tranquil green space with plenty of opportunities for relaxation, play and a place for a community to grow.

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The central garden is structured with a hierarchy of comfortable circulation paths that navigate and connect a series of landscape ‘rooms’ that provide a wide variety of functions and programmes within a sheltered verdant landscape setting. Clear access is provided to major rooms and plazas, small scale paths to quieter social spaces and discreet stepping stones lead to secluded areas for exploration. The external functions include the opportunity for a vibrant, healthy lifestyle, with residents able to play, socialise, exercise, host small gatherings, and relax within a unique setting close to the city centre.

The layout includes lawns, hills, a variety of seating, shelters, a water channel with jets, trees, and a mix of luscious planting, as well as play areas that incorporate natural materials, shelters and a fire pit, all inviting residents to enjoy the environment all year round. The landscape desire lines and viewpoints from the entrance gateways, the lobby and windows above are carefully considered in the positioning of vistas, tree lines and art sculptures to create attractive views for residents, tempting them to explore the immersive experience of the landscape.

A distinctive water feature, combined with sculpture and maple trees, creates an elegant focal piece at the heart of the courtyard – a delightful spring accompanies visitors from the gateway and leads towards a cluster of dancing water jets that activate a plaza, surrounded by café spill out and dramatic planted terraces that truly sets this garden apart in the Moscow landscape.

The trees contain a mix of evergreen and deciduous species to provide the best combination of greenery all season and seasonal colour change. The trees offer vertical structure and scale to the courtyard, shade/ shelter for the residents, and some are selected for special ornamental display or interest.

An external lighting scheme is switched on in the evening and winter, creating an atmospheric landscape; sophisticated columns frame the garden with safe ambient light, complemented by pedestrian scale light bollards that add rhythm and draw guests to stroll around the paths in the evenings. Further interest after dark is added by trees illuminated dramatically from below and flush in-ground features to add subtle linear accents in key plaza areas for special occasions.