Razdory, Moscow

Moscow, Russia

As Moscow continues to experience a greater demand for quality new settlements, a community is being created at Razdory to the west of the city centre.

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Located in a beautiful and highly sought after location, the 200-hectare Razdory site is nestled between a number of elite residential and retail developments. The design team has brought together a vision and masterplan to outline how the site will accommodate a selection of housing types from apartments to villa blocks, townhouses and large cottages. A variety of facilities are integrated into the community which includes a country club; sports and leisure facilities; retail and commercial space; and a secondary school. These are all complemented by large amounts of green space.

Gillespies has responsibility for the landscape masterplan and strategy. The practice has designed Razdory’s green spaces, determining the availability and size in a way that makes a significant contribution towards the quality and cohesiveness of the development as a whole. In particular, a major new park at the centre of the site is designed to act as an effective ‘joining’ element between the two main settlements, which are physically separated by a waterway.