Paddington Crossrail

London, UK

Paddington Crossrail

Paddington station is undergoing the most significant transformation it has seen since it was first built in the 1800s. One of London’s gateway stations, the grade one listed building will be one of the first new Crossrail central stations to open in London.

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The arrival of Crossrail and the reinstatement of Eastbourne Terrace and Departures Road presented an opportunity to create a new gateway and a new street for London The catalyst for the project was a requirement to move the old taxi rank on Departures Road/Eastbourne Terrace to enable the Crossrail station to be built in its place.

A massive increase in pedestrian movement and a high-quality urban realm will elevate what is currently a heavily traffic dominated, sunken and oppressive arrival space into an experience focused on efficient and memorable interchange. A spacious and inviting pedestrian experience will be established along a newly pedestrianised streetscape that will act as not only a setting befitting the Grade I listed Paddington Station, but also serve to unify the insertion of the Crossrail infrastructure within this prominent location.