One New Burlington Place

London, UK

One New Burlington Place
Title:One New Burlington Place, London, UK
Markets:Retail and Workplace
Client:The Crown Estate
Services:Landscape Architecture
Region:United Kingdom
Photography:CGIs: Neighbourhood. Photography: Timothy Soar and Rob Parrish
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The roof terraces — accessed from the 5th and 6th floors — provide a generously large extension to the workplace and offer tenants and visitors a rare opportunity to meet, sit and relax in tranquil landscaped gardens high above the city. The terraces provide an accessible function space bordered by areas devoted to biodiverse planting, striking an appropriate balance between planting and seating capacity. Contemporary low stone seat wall planters line the terrace, featuring species of plants that flower at different times of the year to encourage a variety of insects and birds to the area.

A series of extensive bio‑diverse sedum roofs and green walls help to tackle the risk of urban flooding and improve insulation as well as increasing biodiversity. The drive for sustainability has affected every aspect of the design, and the building has reached an excellent environmental standard.