Mayfield Park

Manchester, UK

Mayfield Park

Mayfield Park brings nature and green open spaces right into the heart of the city while unearthing a river hidden for 50 years and bringing it back into public use.

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Mayfield Park is Manchester’s first new public park for over 100 years. It forms the centrepiece of a landmark £1.4bn mixed-use urban neighbourhood planned in the heart of the city centre over the next ten years. Located adjacent to Piccadilly Station and the planned HS2 northern hub, the development will transform a previously derelict part of Manchester’s industrial heritage into a vibrant new neighbourhood, delivering 1,500 homes, new commercial space, retail and leisure facilities and a 6.5-acre new park.

Working closely with the Mayfield Partnership, a public/private joint venture partnership between LCR, Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester and regeneration specialist U+I, Gillespies has been instructed as the delivery landscape architect by contractor PP O’Conner and are developing for construction the tender works package, prepared by London-based Studio Egret West and supervising works on site. Anchoring the new development is a biodiverse green oasis radiating from the revealed river. The new park will be a fantastic community asset and public amenity, attracting visitors from across the city. Designed to accommodate multiple users and uses, the park includes a play area with dramatic slides across the river, space for sports, an urban square, floodable meadows and wetlands and quiet green spaces for those who want to relax and have a break from the city.

Partly buried in a culvert for decades, the River Medlock is revealed and restored to its former glory as one of the rivers that the cities prosperity was based on. Weaving through the heart of the park in a remodelled river corridor that includes bio-engineered slopes, wetland planting and floodable meadows, the river enriches and creates new habitats for wildlife in the heart of the city.