Guiyang Retail Street

Guizhou Province, China

Gillespies’ landscape scheme for Guiyang Retail Street offers an immersive visitor experience derived from classical European garden design.

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Guiyang city is the capital of the Chinese province of Guizhou. The concept creates a strong central canal promenade, branching off into a series of courtyards and pleasure gardens. The Retail Street development forms part of an ambitious city centre expansion, which comprises one of China’s largest construction sites. Essentially a new CBD block, the site will be surrounded by a mixture of high-density residential, business/retail and parklands.

Gillespies was commissioned to provide landscape design services to support the architectural masterplan completed by Benoy. The client’s brief was to create a wholly ‘classical’ landscape to compliment the style established within the masterplan.

The landscape design draws inspiration from classical landscape art /design which sought to create scenes within the landscape. A series of courtyards will be experienced by visitors, each containing a different theme intended to delight and intrigue. Water will play an essential role in the scheme through the central canal promenade and feature fountains within courtyards and plazas. Gillespies has given careful attention to the detailed development of the soft and hard landscape elements, ensuring the classical theme is realized in a convincing way.