Danfoss Universe

Nordborg, Denmark

Danfoss Universe
Title:Danfoss Universe, Nordborg, Denmark
Markets:Leisure and Sport
Client:Danfoss A/S
Services:Landscape Architecture
Region:Europe & Russia
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Danfoss Universe celebrates invention and innovation and takes its themes from 'Forces of Nature'. Its deeper intent is to engage children in science and technology through exhibits that would normally be found in a science museum and presents them in a new and exciting way. It places exhibits into buildings and pavilions and sets them in innovative parkland, differentiating Danfoss Universe as a unique visitor attraction.

Danfoss Universe is experienced by journeying through four outdoor rooms:

Lake Eureka: this area invokes feelings of awe and curiosity. It possesses a blend of natural and wild character together with traditional parkland landscape.

Garden of Inspiration: this external exhibit invokes feelings of playfulness and wonder. It comprises attractions and buildings assimilated into a sculptural landscape.

Old Orchard: this landscape invokes feelings of nostalgia and peacefulness. It is a quiet, restful area for picnicking and eating on the restaurant terrace.

Inventor's Farm: this external space invokes feelings of inventiveness and exuberance. It is an area dominated by built forms, including historic buildings.