Bogotá, Colombia

Title:ATRIO, Bogotá, Colombia
Markets:Retail and Workplace, Public Realm
Client:QBO Constructores S.A.S
Services:Landscape architecture
Team:RSH+P and Gillespies
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Atrio is a truly remarkable development, unprecedented in Colombia for both its scale and ambition. What started life as an idea for a major new landmark in Bogota has evolved into a powerful expression of vibrant public life that has a significance that will extend well beyond its physical boundaries.

The two towers - designed by award-winning architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners - are cut away at ground level to reveal a generous public space. At 10,000 square metres the public realm constitutes two thirds of the whole site area and will play an important role in the regeneration of the area known as Centro Internacional, as well as the social and cultural development of Bogotá.

The design of public realm draws inspiration from Bogotá’s dynamic and varied landscapes and focuses around five core themes – meandering nature, colour, flow of water, erosion and vertical landscapes, and art. These five concepts are combined together to form a dynamic framework of open spaces, streets and grand connections that will encourage pedestrian movement through the site towards the city centre, and offer spaces for social interaction and an active arts programme. Art and culture is an integral part of the design, informing the shape and diversifying the use of public spaces.

"ATRIO is a place for all where people are encouraged to meet, interact and socialise. Through this open relationship with the city and its communities, we hope ATRIO will change perceptions of architecture and public space in Colombia"

Nayib Neme, President of Grupo A ATRIO Lead Investor