Astana, Kazakhstan

Title:Astana, Astana, Kazakhstan
Services:Masterplanning and Urban Design
Region:Asia Pacific and Australasia
Team:Astana Gen Plan
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In 1997 Astana was named the new capital of Kazakhstan. As a symbol of this new positive era for Kazakhstan, the capital has been the subject of extensive development which aims to raise its status to that of other capitals across the world.

Gillespies’ Terms of Reference has formed the foundations of a Design Brief for the future Master Plan for Astana. Our vision and subsequent proposals for Astana aim at complementing the work already carried out, and by using a bottom-up approach, ensuring the cultural and social identity of the city shine through and the new urban form and infrastructure knit together the various areas of the city, providing a people-orientated capital with a rich cultural diversity at its heart.

The spatial and land use proposals are informed by the analysis and definition of economic demand parameters and the market factors that are likely to shape and influence the economic development of Astana and the region, ensuring the economic sustainability of the most important city in Kazakhstan.