Al Soudah Masterplan

Al Soudah, Saudi Arabia

Al Soudah Masterplan

Gillespies is delivering a comprehensive landscape-led masterplan that will sensitively transform part of the Sarawat mountain range into a luxury mountain destination with immersive cultural experiences that celebrate the region’s picturesque natural landscape.

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The vision for Al Soudah is bold in its ambition for a new regional destination in the Asir province of Saudi Arabia. It covers more than 600km2 of mountainous landscape dotted with villages nestling in green wadis. Following a major role in devising a successful Development Planning Framework in 2018, Gillespies has been appointed to evolve and elaborate a comprehensive Masterplan to sensitively unlock its potential.

Al Soudah will create a luxury eco-tourism destination offering opportunities for relaxation, healthy living and adventure. It is a land of extraordinary natural beauty, rich traditions and stories to be told of ancient people. The mountains enjoy a year-round ambient temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius, making this a welcoming and comfortable place for visitors who wish to quietly enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery and actively engage and immerse themselves in outdoor pursuits.

Our proposed Masterplan will sensitively increase access for visitors and new residents, creating opportunities for local people to prosper through engagement with their unique culture and heritage while preserving and enhancing the natural landscape and biodiversity.

In this precious and fragile mountain ecosystem, a landscape-led approach to masterplanning is perfectly in tune with destination creation. It is geared to create a series of unique cultural, ecological and recreational landscapes that offers all those visiting and who come to live in this amazing place enriching local cultural encounters and rewarding journeys of exploration through a wild and ancient agrarian landscape.

Gillespies led a coordinated process taking Architectural, Engineering Infrastructure, Economic, Heritage/Culture, Community, Environmental and other inputs and distilling them into a fully integrated Masterplan.

Stakeholders were fully engaged, and outputs included GIS information and comprehensive Design Guidelines. Proposals were established on four guiding pillars: placemaking, connectivity, sustainability and phased building. These reflect best principles and practices in planning and design for tourism destinations.

Gillespies is appointed by Soudah Development, an organisation acting under the auspices of the Public Investment Fund.