A101 Moscow

Moscow, Russia

A concept masterplan for A101, an ambitious private development on a 2,000 ha site in new Moscow. The principal objectives are to create a settlement which will prove to be both a profitable investment and a sustainable new community for Moscow.

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To achieve the required objectives, we are using an integrated city development process where masterplanning, socio-economic and business planning are elaborated in parallel, in order to create new and attractive places with a robust economic and investment case, ensuring a commercially viable development and a sustainable new community. The socio-economic element of the work seeks to establish a consensus around the nature and scale of the new city/development. It enables the creation of a compelling economic vision and identifies its drivers, to quantify growth and the economic contribution A101 will make to the city/region economy in terms of new employment and GDP.

The spatial strategy seeks to arrange clusters and the corresponding land uses in a way that supports the socio-economic strategy, but that also creates a pleasant, enjoyable and attractive new place that will entice people to come and live here. This combined approach results in a balanced, multi-functional and contemporary urban area, positively differentiated from its surroundings. The new area will combine an optimal mix of residential, social and cultural city cores and a business district.

"‘’Team A101 enjoyed collaborating with Gillespies Masterplanning team on the creation of a unique vision for the strategic 2000-ha masterplan of A101 territories in New Moscow. This was a particularly challenging project for all involved and I believe that the work produced not only formed a strong guide in the development of A101, but was a serious essay in the economic geography of the territory of New Moscow.’’"

Leonard Blinov, Director for Territorial Development Strategy, JSC A101 Development