News 03.12.2012

Town centre revival in Woking as Jubliee Square completes

Public realm designs by Gillespies for Woking's town centre have helped to regenerate and transform what had previously been faded public spaces, into a vibrant retail experience.

Just completed, Gillespies' design for Woking's Jubilee Square responds to the opportunities presented by the redevelopment of the Shopping Centres around the square, and the reconfiguration and enhancement of the library.

Some of the UK's leading retailers have now moved into Jubilee Square, supporting the revival of the town's retail experience, and underlining the success of the public realm design.

Jubilee Square is the first phase of a wider redevelopment of Woking's town centre. Gillespies is also redesigning Commercial Way, a key shopping street adjoining Jubliee Square.

Client: Woking Borough Council and Moyallen

Design team: Gillespies, Benoy, WHStephens, Doran Consulting, Desco

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