News 23.03.2020

Preferred vision chosen for Northampton Market Square

One of three visions by Gillespies to revamp the historic Market Square in Northampton has been selected by the local community as their preferred option.

During a public engagement event late last year, the local community were asked to comment on plans to change the layout of the square, which consisted of three proposals that included the addition of trees, stepped seating, performance spaces, market stalls and an interactive water feature.

The chosen proposal will revive this much-loved town square and includes stepped seating, a row of market stalls, trees and an new water feature. It will reposition the square as a vibrant destination in its own right and a focal point for the community.

Gillespies will now use the consultation results to form a final layout to be sent to the Government as part of a funding bid to support Northampton Borough Council’s ambitious regeneration plans for the town centre.