News 06.07.2017

MediaCityUK celebrates 10th birthday

Last month marked 10 years since The Peel Group began transforming the derelict Salford docklands into MediaCityUK, an award-winning media hub which is now home to the BBC, ITV, Salford University and more than 200 media businesses.

Gillespies delivered a confident and contemporary new public realm together with a sequence of dynamic public spaces that have transformed this area into a place of culture and entertainment. At its heart, a multifunctional Piazza, with elegant stone paving, now serves as a space for activities, media events and large gatherings – you may recognise it as the backdrop for many ITV shows such as X Factor and The Voice. The plaza is enhanced at night by over 350 computer controlled LED up-lighters, creating a distinct night-time identity.

Sitting in sharp contrast to the sleek lines of the Piazza is Media Park - the development’s green heart.  Here, rich naturalistic planting with timber decking and sweeping paths has provided a sequence of intimate spaces for strolling, relaxing and creative inspiration, as well as attractive backdrops for outdoor broadcasts. 

The formerly imposing Ship Canal dock edge was stripped away to create a grand stepped terrace down to the water’s edge. Positioned next to the new metro stop, this terraced waterside is multifunctional, providing attractive waterside views, a gathering space for events and a landing place for water taxis.

Plans are now underway for the second phase of MediaCityUK. The £1 billion expansion plans will see the existing development more than double in size with the addition of ten new buildings, providing 540,000 square feet of commercial space, 1800 new apartments and retail and leisure uses, set within a high-quality public realm and a series of open, communal spaces designed by Gillespies.

Click here to see film of MediaCityUK's transformation.