News 10.08.2021

Hoyland South and Royston Masterplan Frameworks adopted by Barnsley council

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council has recently adopted two new Masterplan Frameworks, and Design Codes developed by Gillespies. Both Hoyland South and Royston Masterplan Framework will propose up to 2,000 new homes, new local shops, primary schools and multiple local facilities, promoting sustainable developments that are fully integrated with the surrounding landscape and existing communities. Both Masterplan Frameworks reflect the wider Council initiatives, including the net-zero carbon approach and economic growth across Barnsley.

The development of the Masterplan Frameworks has come when the global pandemic has provided new obstacles to overcome, particularly within public consultation. Using progressive digital engagement methods, Gillespies has performed a 'you said, we did' approach, responding to local residents opinions and feedback, which helped shape the final spatial masterplan output.

Hoyland South Masterplan Framework brings 1,100 new homes between the existing settlement of Hoyland and protected ancient woodland Skier's Spring Wood Local Wildlife Site. The masterplan features a web of green infrastructure, a local shop and a new community hub at Springwood Farmhouse. A defining feature is the Voltway, a linear green active travel and wildlife corridor underneath overhead power cables spanning across the site. With quality and careful urban design, the Voltway fits seamlessly into the development.

Royston Masterplan Framework sits as a gateway to Royston, featuring 994 new homes, a direct active travel strategy, a new community hub and a new primary school. Notably, the development integrates with its surroundings, particularly enhancing the disused railway to the north of the site as a strategic green active travel infrastructure.

Extensive Design Codes respectfully support both Masterplan Frameworks - ranging from Character, Urban Form and Homes, all the way through to Parking and Accessibility.

The project team includes Arup and Gillespies' Hale and Leeds team.