Press Release 05.07.2024

Green light for the restoration of Rochdale’s Broadfield Park Slopes

Rochdale Borough Council has approved plans for an ambitious £1.6m transformation of Broadfield Park Slopes, a historic Grade II-listed Park that forms the backdrop to the newly restored Rochdale Town Hall.

The consented scheme, designed by Gillespies and Donald Insall Associates for Rochdale Development Agency, will breathe new life into an area historically plagued by accessibility challenges and anti-social behaviour, reimagining it as a vibrant, welcoming public space that the community can take pride in.

The transformation promises a range of exciting improvements, including the creation of safer, tree-lined footpaths that will ease navigation of the steep slopes leading up to the historic Packer Spout Fountain. The reinstatement of historic lighting will enhance the park’s night-time appeal and improve safety, while a new versatile event space with terraced seating is set to become a lively hub for community gatherings and cultural events.

The existing pool at the top of the slope will be converted into an ecological pond. This ecological enhancement will create a thriving habitat while providing hands-on learning opportunities for local schools and community groups. Additionally, the park's drainage channel will be cleaned and restored with stone edging, visually emphasising the water connection between the new pond and the Packer Spout.

This visionary project is funded by Rochdale Council and the National Heritage Lottery Fund and has been shaped in close collaboration with the local community, heritage, and archaeological experts. A community archaeological dig will investigate the early history of Rochdale and inform the detailed design of Broadfield Park Slopes.

The restoration and reimagining of Broadfield Park Slopes promises to return the site to its former glory, creating an inviting, accessible, and ecologically rich space for the community and visitors of Rochdale to enjoy for years to come.

The expert team includes engagement consultant Minerva Consulting, civil engineers Price & Myers, MEP and lighting specialists Max Fordham, and cost managers Frank Whittle and Partners.

Gillespies and Donald Insall Associates were responsible for the successful restoration of Rochdale Town Hall, which included the creation of a new town square that opened in March this year.