Press Release 29.04.2024

Green light for Health Innovation Neighbourhood in Newcastle

The multi-million pound Health Innovation Neighbourhood, a truly unique and ambitious regeneration project for the UK, has received support at planning committee. 

The Health Innovation Neighbourhood in Newcastle is a world-leading, ambitious vision to provide a model for intergenerational and healthy living, co-locating education, research, healthcare, work space and a range of multigenerational dwellings across a variety of tenures. This pioneering and sustainable new neighbourhood seeks to tackle the major health and social challenges of our time, to promote a society where people live healthier, happier and longer lives.

Ambitious projects like this take commitment, collaboration, passion and endeavour. Gillespies has worked alongside GSS architecture for a number of years to develop this remarkable masterplan with support from the wider team of Shed, Biodiverse Consulting, Max Fordham, Pegasus Planning and Development, and Mosodi.

We have championed the importance of community space, for health, well-being, amenity and nature recovery. The network of public spaces forming the social and cultural fabric of the masterplan, promoting forward thinking active travel concepts, urban agriculture as a mechanism for social cohesion and digital augmentation of the landscape.

Congratulations to our clients, Newcastle University and Genr8 Kajima Regeneration, and to Newcastle City Council for their vision and ambition to drive this project forward. We look forward to delivering this neighbourhood with you.